Traffic Management Information: Temporary road closure A4059 Hirwaun Road at Trewaun.  

Traffic Management Information: Temporary road closure A4059 Hirwaun Road at Trewaun.  

From 06:00hrs on Monday 31 July 2023, the A4059 Hirwaun Road at Trewaun will be closing until 06:00hrs on Monday 21 August 2023.

The closure is required to construct a new permanent roundabout at Trewaun and to change the current elevation and alignment of the A4059.

Whilst the road is closed, access will be maintained to homes and businesses in the area.

When the road reopens, we will have moved the current temporary A465 roundabout further west near to the junction with Windfarm Road.  

We will also be opening the new Trewaun west bridge, which will join the A4059 with the A465.

The Trewaun east bridge, which will eventually connect to Brecon Road with the A4059, will open next year once the A465 traffic is moved onto the permanent alignment under the east bridge.

The illustration shows the diversion route that will be in place. (www.a465.org/TrewaunDiversion)

Information for bus users:  www.a465.org/TrewaunShuttleBus

We will inform you when this work has been completed, and confirm the date for the re-opening of the road.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

For bus passengers:
Residents are advised that due to a road closure of the A4059 at the Brecon Road Roundabout, all scheduled bus services will be unable to serve the Trewaun, Trenant and Gamlyn Road Bus Stops in both directions for the duration of the road closure.

A free shuttle bus service will operate from Trewaun to Penywaun Shops to meet connections in both directions (Monday to Sunday). Jarvis Coaches will operate the free shuttle service.
Timetable: www.a465.org/TrewaunShuttleBus

Please see details below of Stagecoach services for duration of the works:-

Service 7, 8 & 9
OutboundThese services will leave Aberdare and serve the normal route to Comin Primary School, where they will then turn right onto the B4276 serving the Bryn Seion bus stop on Mill Street before travelling (On Diversion) via the B4276 turning left at St. James’ church onto Cwmynysminton Road then left onto the new A465 roundabout.

The services will take the second roundabout exit and proceed via Maescynon, turning left onto Harris Street and right onto Brecon Road. From the Prince of Wales bus stop on Brecon Road, the services will then loop around Hirwaun village serving all stops before arriving at their respective timing points either at Hungry Bear (7&8) or Community Centre (9). From there they will continue on their normal service routes observing all stops to Penderyn (7), Glynneath or Merthyr (9).
On return to Hirwaun, all services will complete the loop of Hirwaun Village before arriving at the timing point at the Community Centre, where all services will continue to the Hirwaun Library stop and will then run (On Diversion) via Maescynon, Cwmynysminton Road and the B4276, serving the Cross Inn bus stop on the B4276 before continuing their normal route to Aberdare.
The exception will be the 05:20 & 06:20 service 8 to Cefn Rhigos, which will serve all stops towards Penywaun, continue to the traffic lights and serve Penywaun in the reverse direction before returning to “Dawkins” roundabout, turning left and travelling (On Diversion) via the A4059 bypass onto the B4276 (Llwydcoed road) and continuing as above. This will also be the case for the return journeys at 06:00 & 07:00 from Cefn Rhigos Turn. The slight movement in timings to these journeys are to ensure the bus reaches Aberdare in time to connect with the train.

Service 9 Penywaun – Glynhafod

 There will be a half hourly service to Penywaun serving all stops towards Penywaun, then continuing along the A4059 to the traffic lights and turning right into Arfryn. All inbound stops will then be service for boarding and alighting to avoid confusion for customer
There will be a 15 minute service from Aberdare to Glynhafod which will be interworked with the Penywaun service.

There will be a through service from Glynhafod to Merthyr at 07:15 & 08:15 and a return through service from Merthyr to Glynhafod at 18:35, 19:35 & 20:35 to guarantee connections.


Sunday services will remain hourly, however due to the additional time needed to complete the route, Stagecoach will be unable to run beyond Hirwaun to Merthyr on a Sunday for the duration of the closure.
The service will serve Penywaun before travelling (On Diversion) to Hirwaun, again completing the loop of Hirwaun before arriving at the timing point at the Community Centre, where services will continue to serve Hirwaun Library before continuing (On Diversion) to Penywaun.
Penywaun will be served only using the Eastbound (toward Aberdare – Inbound) stops in all directions on all days during the closure.

If you have any queries regarding these works, please contact our public liaison team by telephone 07762 451850 or email A465enquiries@futurevalleysconstruction.com.

You can also meet our team at our Visitor Centre, at Bucklands, Upper Vaynor Road, Cefn Coed, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 2HN. The centre is open Thursday afternoons from 1pm to 4.30pm, except for public holidays. 

You can also follow our social media channels and check out our website.  Click here for more information..

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