Free school meal cost risks poor quality food for children

Free school meal cost risks poor quality food for children

Responding to the news, Welsh Conservatives Shadow Minister for Education Laura Anne Jones MS, said:

“It is right that children who need a free school meal receive one, but I have always been concerned that the huge undertaking of feeding so many children would result in quality being diminished and children – who free meals are meant to be helping – are not getting a stable and healthy meal as a result.

“We know that Labour have underfunded schools for this policy, forcing schools to choose between feeding or teaching. Councils are already covering the costs themselves and are struggling to deliver the scheme on budget and the Minister – oblivious to schools’ needs – said in January that no additional funding would be necessary.

“Along with cutting the education budget in real terms this year, Labour are harming our children’s future with their poor planning, forgetting about the logistics of delivering such a scheme is typical of the Welsh Government.”

Labour and Plaid want 36 extra Members of the Welsh Parliament Why?

No more politicians


People want more nurses, doctors and teachers to tackle our huge waiting times and improve exam results, not more politicians. Labour and Plaid not only want 36 extra Members of the Welsh Parliament but they want to end the historic link of communities having a direct representative.

Respect parents’ choice to home educate, say Welsh Conservatives

Commenting on the latest statement by the Labour Government on home education guidance, Welsh Conservative Shadow Education Minister, Laura Anne Jones MS said:

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