Welsh government failed to spend £155 M or waste it. Just another day in Labour running Welsh economy

Welsh government failed to spend £155 M or waste it.  Just another day in Labour running Welsh economy

This is just a small amount of money that the welsh government has used or not?

Lisvane land

It was “incomprehensible” that the Lisvane land “was sold by the walsh government to SWLD at an agricultural land value of £1.835m not the housing value of “at least £39m” in 2012.


Lets not forget the £114 million wasted of M4 motorway that was never built, but what’s left is constantly queuing traffic more pollution and the welsh Governments answer is 50 MPH and add a few more railway stations will it ease congestion, only a fools would believe this.   

Cardiff airport

Cardiff Airport despite it falling in value by £37 million since the government bought it. The airport was sold to the welsh government for £52 million in 2013, but was valued at just £15 million in 2021 total of around £210 million of Welsh taxpayers’ money spent on Cardiff airport, with passenger numbers are not high enough to justify funding the bus service fro Cardiff city centre the no reasoning Welsh Government will not construct a direct wrought from the M4, its called the regressive governing of Wales

Families and businesses miss out on £155 million of Covid funding

Commenting on the Welsh Parliament’s Public Accounts and Public Administration Committee’s report, Peter Fox MS, Welsh Conservative Shadow Finance Minister, said:

“Throughout 2020 Welsh Conservatives were pushing the Labour Government to get money out the door to support families and businesses, and to think about how to kick start the Welsh economy post pandemic.

“Repeatedly they were told they were wrong and now this report makes it clear that they were right. However, this doesn’t stop the pain and hurt that was caused when grants were denied and livelihoods placed under more pressure.

There are still many questions to be answered around the backroom dealings in the Labour Government and why they don’t believe the Welsh people deserve honesty and transparency. I hope this report acts as a wakeup call for action.

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Commenting on the news that the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) has voted in favour of proposed reforms at the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of more than 280 rugby clubs today, Welsh Conservative Shadow Sports Minister, Tom Giffard MS said: 

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