The Welsh Labour Government admits road review flawed

The Welsh Labour Government admits road review flawed

Labour politicians, including the first minister, have voted for a Welsh Parliament motion criticising their own roads review.

Commenting following the Welsh Conservative debate today, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS said:

“By voting for our motion in the Senedd today, Labour have admitted that their road review was flawed. They have voted to include the line regretting a lack of engagement with the public, local authorities and businesses.

“The Labour Party, here in Wales, have been intent on slowing Wales down with their anti-road, anti-motorist agenda. Their road-building freeze, blanket 20mph zones and cuts to public transport have been a recipe for disaster.

“Their admission today is welcome. I urge Ministers, in the spirit of this vote, to actually listen to the people of Wales and reverse their tone-deaf transport policy and to get Wales moving again.”


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