Labour and Plaid’s flawed ideas threaten Wales’ economic recovery

Labour and Plaid Cymru’s flawed ideas threaten Wales’ economic recovery post-pandemic, a Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister has warned.


Last night, it emerged the Welsh Labour Government were in talks with Plaid Cymru over a potential co-operation agreement in the Senedd.


A statement from the two parties said they are looking at where they can work together "exploring ways of building a more equal, just and democratic nation for all", despite the two being directly responsible for years of financial failure.


At yesterday’s First Minister’s Questions in the Senedd, the leaders of the two parties – Mark Drakeford and Adam Price – exchanged thoughts over – what would be, if introduced – financially disastrous policies, such as the Universal Basic Income and a four-day-working week.


Commenting, the Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, Peter Fox MS, said:


“The prospect of yet another deal between Labour and Plaid Cymru is a real threat to Wales’ economic recovery post-pandemic.


“Just as Wales tries to bounce back post-pandemic, we see ill-thought ideas, such as cutting working hours and funding millionaires, being banded around by Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru. We need real answers to Wales’ problems, not flawed ideas.


“People in Wales would be right to worry about where this will end up if they’re starting with UBI and a four-day week, they want to see an economy fit for the 21st century, whereas Labour and Plaid clearly want to drag us back to the 1970s.


“Welsh families, workers and businesses need proper support, not fantasy economics – and they certainly don’t need another Labour-Plaid agreement, which has only served to hold back the Welsh economy over the past two decades.”


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