A public event in Aberdare to hear why a local mother is calling for the legal control and regulation of the drug market.

Join us at our public event in Aberdare to hear why a local mother is calling for the legal control and regulation of the drug market. She is joined on the panel by Beth Winter MP, ex-undercover police, and national campaigner Neil Woods and local treatment providers to discuss what a new approach to drugs could mean for Cynon Valley.


When: Thursday 26th January, 6:30- 9:00 PM

Where: St Elvan’s, Church Street, Aberdare, CF44 7AB 


Speakers are available to interview:

  • Aberdare mum, Nadia, lost her son, Ben, to an accidental overdose. She then started campaigning for safer drug laws to protect children

  • Beth Winter, MP for Cynon Valley

  • Neil Woods served as an undercover police officer for 14 years and is the best-selling author of Good Cop Bad War. Neil will share what his police experience exposed 

  • Rob Barker, the Campaigns and Communications lead at national group Barod


Additional video and photo opportunities:

  • Opportunity to tour and film/ photograph the UK’s first unsanctioned Overdose Prevention Centre (a converted ambulance) from 4:30 PM onwards ²

  • Memorial of 4,517 hand-made forget-me-not flowers for lives lost to drugs in the UK in 2021

  • Interviews with speakers:


This event is free. Attendees can register here.


Nadia Rees, Aberdare mum and Anyone’s Child Campaigner whose son died of an overdose.

“To keep our children as safe as possible we need to take the supply of drugs away from criminals and put them under the control of our government. I wish it wasn’t too late for my son, Ben.”


Beth Winter, MP for Cynon Valley.

“It’s time that we sit down and have a real conversation about how drugs are impacting families in Cynon Valley. We tragically lose more lives every year, and I want to change that.”


Neil Woods, Under-Cover Police Officer turned Author of ‘Good Cop, Bad War’.

“I eventually realised that the reason organised crime was getting more brutal was down to me and police like me. Once I realised that, everything changed.”


Jane Slater, Campaign Manager for Anyone's Child:

“Come to hear what our speakers have to say, because the drug laws can harm anyone’s child. Keeping drugs illegal isn’t keeping our children safe, it’s putting them in danger. Our voices must be heard and our politicians must listen. We need to put governments in control of the drug market, so that families are better protected.”  

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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