Comment on Peter Fox’s Food (Wales) Bill’s introduction in the Senedd yesterday

In the Senedd, Peter Fox MS will give a statement and introduce The Food (Wales) Bill. The Bill has already received an endorsement from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales, Farmers’ Union of Wales, National Farmers’ Union Cymru, Countryside Alliance, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales and has cross-party support. Support for the general aims of the Bill were also received from offices such as the Future Generations Commissioner.

Commenting, Senedd Member for Monmouth, Peter Fox MS said:

“I am very pleased to introduce this Bill to the Senedd today and to express its vital importance. Wales desperately needs a more joined up food strategy.

“This Bill will strengthen Wales’ food governance, increase food security, help tackle food poverty and malnutrition as well as ensuring a sustainable future for both the environment and food producers.

“My Bill aims to deliver, not only for rural Wales and farmers, but also tackle some of the pressing issues facing communities across our country; it will show the good the Senedd can do when party politics is put aside for the benefit of our communities.”

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