Home-Start Cymru launches the #TogetherWeCan campaign to find volunteers for a rewarding role in supporting local families.

The Welsh charity that supports families through some of their toughest times is launching its #TogetherWeCan with the hope of recruiting more volunteers to join their team after seeing a rise in demand for support.

Home-Start Cymru has seen a significant spike in the number of people reaching out for support and information over the past years and is looking for people who can spare even just an hour a week to help deliver their services to families.

The #TogetherWeCan campaign showcases the role of a Home-Start Cymru volunteer with a powerful call to action that appeals to those seeking to make a difference.


Bethan Webber, CEO of Home-Start Cymru, said: “Home-Start Cymru volunteers play a vital role in helping to ensure there is always someone there to listen, support and empower families in Wales when they need it.

We are looking for people who can spare time and kindness to make a real difference in another person’s lifeOur supported families reach out to Home-Start Cymru about any concerns they may have. These include financial worries, isolation, loneliness, and mental health.”


Pascale, who has volunteered with Home-Start Cymru for the past decade, highly recommends volunteering for the charity and says she benefits from it too.  She said: “The reason I wanted to volunteer was to make a difference. It is incredibly rewarding to give back to my community and support families when they need someone to talk to, listen and be there when they need an extra pair of hands.


Another volunteer, Tracey, revealed: “Listening to a parent open up about their thoughts and feelings and knowing you make a difference, no matter how big or small, is what really makes it worthwhile being a volunteer.”


One mum described it as “life changing” when her volunteer came every week to hold her colicky tearful baby, enabling her to shower in peace and then sort out the paperwork. A refugee family was given the confidence to explore their local area thanks to their volunteer taking them out and about. A mum of a baby with Downs Syndrome, born with two holes in her heart requiring surgery, said her volunteer became a lifeline of emotional support that she hadn’t even realised she needed.


Bethan Webber continued, said: “Volunteering is a wonderfully rewarding opportunity to give your time knowing it is making a big difference to a family in our community. It is such a simple concept but a really powerful one. Our volunteers are of all ages, male and female, with many different backgrounds and experiences. Not all of them are parents.

Being a parent has never been easy. It can be lonely, frustrating, and overwhelming. Life-changing events can happen to anyone.

That is why we are here to stand alongside families when they need us most – and we need more amazing volunteers to help us do that.”


If you can spare as little as an hour a week, you could help parents not just survive but thrive. As a Home-Start Cymru volunteer, you will be given training and support to be effective and make a real difference to families in your community.  You will also develop transferable skills which can support you in your life, whether that’s at home or at work.

If you would like to find out more information about volunteering with Home-Start Cymru, please visit www.homestartcymru.org.uk/volunteertoday or contact info@homestartcymru.org.uk.

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