An operation targeting motorists who drive around dangerously in often illegally modified vehicles has been hailed a success.

Anti-social and dangerous drivers targeted in clampdown
An operation targeting motorists who drive around dangerously in often illegally modified vehicles has been hailed a success.
Operation Buena took place on Friday, August 13, following complaints from residents in Talbot Green and LLantrisant about loud exhausts, screeching tyres and speeding.
So called 'boy-racers' have used places such as the Talbot Green retail park as meeting locations, often late at night and into the early hours.
Residents have also reported hearing cars racing along the A4119 which connects Talbot Green with the M4.
Their disregard has sparked waves of complaints from residents, with many people being unable to sleep at night or afraid to use public areas.
Last week South Wales Police teamed up with the DVSA and GoSafe to address the problem.
During the operation, 10 motorists were given prohibition notices and must now take their vehicle for an MOT and 12 vehicles were issued with fines for speeding along the A4119. One person was also arrested for driving while under the influence.
Police Sergeant Darryl Phillips, said:
“We partnered with agencies that we knew would have an impact. The DVSA issued notices for illegally modified cars which can cause noise pollution and often exceeds legal emissions limits, and GoSafe helped us to target speeding drivers. I hope the action we took sends a strong message of intolerance to those who drive irresponsibly but also a message of support to those whose lives have been plagued by loud exhausts, revving engines and screeching tyres for the past few months. Our roads and car parks are not playgrounds for drivers – sooner or later those responsible will find themselves on the wrong side of the law and of course there are consequences.”
Alongside the illegally fitted exhausts, DVSA found one vehicle fitted with tinted front side windows that were only letting 3% of light through when the legal limit for vehicle side windows is a minimum of 70%.
DVSA’s Head of Enforcement Delivery David Collings, said:
“DVSA’s priority is protecting everyone from unsafe drivers and vehicles.
“While our focus is usually on larger commercial vehicles, we were delighted that we could join our partners in working to tackle these road safety issues.
“It was disappointing to find vehicles that had deliberately been made less safe, unnecessarily endangering the health and wellbeing of the local community.
“We hope that our collaborative efforts have acted as deterrent for these dangerous and polluting car modifications.”
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