Pupils create a lasting legacy in Cwmdare

Pupils create a lasting legacy in Cwmdare

A community art project has been formally unveiled after pupils at Cwmdar Primary School have spent months planning and creating a mural that encapsulates a snapshot of this unique moment in time.


Cwmdar Primary School year 6 class were tasked to create the mural, which is situated in the schoolyard, as part of a community wellbeing project. Inviting key worker parents and pupils from across the school to share their ideas, the 22 pupils created their legacy – a living time capsule of the past 18 months.


Year 6 pupil Jamie said:

“This past year and a half has been trying for us all and we were keen to create something which has a lasting impact. We involved our key worker parents and invited everyone to share their ideas on what the pandemic has meant to them, and the important lessons learnt so that we had something that acted as an important reminder of our wonderful community for years to come.”


The project was led by Cwmdar Primary School caretaker, Mr Barker, a wood specialist who cut the children’s designs into MDF stencils before they were hand-painted by all pupils. Mrs Lisa Davies, year 6 teacher, used her creative skills to maximum effect, directing the project, collating the children’s designs and turning their vision into a living piece of art.


The project was made possible after the local energy company, Pennant Walters, provided £5,000 of funding.


Headteacher at Cwmdar Primary, Marie Evans, said:

“We are thrilled with the outcome of this wellbeing initiative. Mrs Lisa Davies and the children ran with the idea, involving community members and other year groups, to create a snapshot time capsule of this moment in time. Our caretaker has done a wonderful job in uniquely transforming the designs.

“It’s much more than just art – this area will now feature benches, seating and planters. It will allow our local community to visit and take time to reflect on the pandemic and the important lessons learnt.”

Pennant Walters funded the campaign through a fund linked to its Mynydd Bwllfa windfarm. It builds on previous donations which have seen the company provide money to support Cwmdar Primary and various other community groups in the area.


Pennant Walters managing director Dale Hart said:

“When we learnt of the school’s plans to create this area for all to enjoy, we were only too pleased to bring it to life.

“This past 18 months has taught us all many things and the current year 6 have done a fantastic job in telling their story through art. The mural is fantastic, and I hope that the area planned will provide comfort and a space to reflect for people for years to come.

“Our wind energy projects come with community funds that we use to invest in projects such as this and our aim is to bring very real benefits to the communities in the vicinity of our projects, providing financial assistance and expertise where we can.”

Picture captions:

  1. Year 6 Cwmdar Primary pupils with their creation
  2. (L-R) Year 6 pupils Lois Keepin, Alfie Deacon, Kian Williams and Sam Davies with the creation
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