Welsh Government supports event to celebrate life-saving legacy of boy who died of diabetes complications

Peter Baldwin would have turned 21 this December. But instead of enjoying a birthday party, his mother Beth, with support of Diabetes UK Cymru and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Chris Jones will gather at the Senedd on 6th December to talk about Peter’s legacy and how it can save lives.


Peter passed away aged 13 due to complications resulting from late diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Since his death, Beth and her family have campaigned tirelessly to help raise awareness and prevent other families suffering the same tragedy. By sharing his story she has made other families take the step of getting their child checked for type 1 diabetes before it is too late.


Diabetes UK Cymru joins with Beth, and with support of the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, launches a refreshed campaign about the signs of type 1 diabetes: the 4 T’s campaign raises awareness about the symptoms Tired, Thirsty, Toilet (needing to wee more often), Thinner. Radio ads will play across Wales throughout December, and the campaign will continue into 2023.


The event will also ask parents of children aged 3-13 to sign their child up to a ground-breaking research study which will screen children for type 1 diabetes before signs manifest. The pioneering ELSA study is looking for 20,000 children to take part across England and Wales.  Professor Parth Narendran presents at the event, showcasing the newly announced ELSA study. Funded in partnership with JDRF and Diabetes UK and led by Birmingham University, the study seeks to identify children at high risk of developing type 1 diabetes with the aim of laying the groundwork for the development of any potential UK-wide screening programme



The event takes place at Senedd Cymru, Neuadd, 6th of December, 2022, 18:00 – 20:00. It is sponsored by Jayne Bryant MS. Speakers:

– Dr Chris Evans, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

– Beth Baldwin, mother of Peter and Diabetes UK campaigner

– Rachel Burr, National Director for Wales Diabetes UK Cymru

– Professor Parth Narendran, Birmingham University, ELSA Study



Beth Baldwin, mum of Peter Baldwin said:  


 “Losing Peter was devastating, and I don’t want Peter’s story to be repeated. Raising awareness of the 4Ts signs of type 1 diabetes can save lives. We need to make sure everyone understands that being extra tired or thirsty, needing to go to the toilet to wee more often, and getting thinner are all signs of type 1 diabetes. If a child has any of these signs, they need to see a doctor and ask for a simple test for type 1 diabetes. ” 



Minister for Health and Social Services Eluned Morgan MS said:  


“I welcome this campaign because education and awareness, both of the public and health care professionals, are vital to ensuring timely diagnosis of diabetes. We are happy to support the work of Beth and Diabetes UK Cymru in drawing attention to the key symptoms. I would also point to some of the work that has been going on in Wales on clinical pathways and the new Quality Statement. We are committed to working together to do the best for young people at risk of developing diabetes.” 



Professor Parth Narendran, Birmingham University, ELSA Study said: 


Screening children can reduce their risk of being diagnosed as an emergency, as diabetic ketoacidosis, around five-fold and can help them and their families settle into the type 1 diagnosis better. These are clear reasons for identifying people at risk of type 1 diabetes. The ELSA study is exploring if and how a screening programme for type 1 diabetes could work in the UK and could help stop stories like Peter’s from repeating”



Rachel Burr, National Director of Diabetes UK Cymru said:


"We don’t want any family to go through what Beth and her family have been and continue to go through. Working together with Welsh Government and stakeholders and campaigners like Beth we will continue to raise awareness of the 4T’s. We want everyone in Wales to know the signs of type 1 diabetes so people are diagnosed promptly. This simple message has and will continue to save lives. This is all a part of Peter’s Legacy." 


For more information contact Lucy Snell, Digital Engagement Officer on lucy.snell@diabetes.org.uk.

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