Welsh Conservative comment on reported delays to Covid vaccine supplies

Commenting on the news of a delay to the delivery of the Covid vaccine, Angela Burns MS – the Shadow Health Minister – said:

“There is a race to procure, and that’s why it was so crucial that the UK Government got out in front early when it did and signed deals ahead of the rest – including ahead of EU nations.

“The Conservative UK Government – which is procuring the supplies – is confident that the steady stream of doses will continue, and this underlines the benefit of being in a strong United Kingdom that works for Wales.

“Health boards will now determine how current stocks of vaccines are delivered over the next fortnight or so, but must also demonstrate consistency of delivery. There have been reports of different boards taking different approaches as to who is called for their injection, but the people identified as being in priority groups must still be at the head of the queue regardless of current supply levels.

“And of course, the advice remains the same: If you get called for a vaccine, please continue go to your appointment.”

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