Ynys Public Right of Way blocked again

I had this sent to me from Facebook  “No access to the Ynys from the Canal path Cwmbach blocked off due to flooding. Canal not looking too good either.”

Anyone who is a frequent user of this Public Right of Way will know this is a typical scene even after the thousands of pounds of council taxpayers money has been ploughed into trying to prevent this flooding problem.

With all the City Deal Money being spent on upgrading the railway track surely this longterm problem will be sorted out once and for all. If the council can provide £4 million of City Deal money for a zip-wire and coaster cart track in the Tower complex it can raise the railway bridge at the Ynys.  


The Aberdare Canal has been a problem for years the private culvert that serves the canal is to small you have to why this section of the watercourse was culverted in the first place.

Back in 2015, I received this from Natural Resources Wales (NRW), “For your information, the riparian owner of the Aberdare Canal is Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC up until the watercourse passes through the disused railway embankment, where the riparian owner changes.  The council are aware of their responsibilities as riparian owner as we have dealt with them on a number of occasions regarding this watercourse.  The council is incorrect with its statement saying that the culvert was unblocked by us as it was found to be our responsibility.  Natural Resources Wales are not the riparian owner of this culvert, but we do carry out routine maintenance to remove any blockages using our permissive powers.    These powers do not place any responsibility or duty on us to remove blockages from the culvert and we would expect the riparian owner to carry out the work if we were unable to do so.”


We have to ask the question why then have NRW completed two surveys of this culvert and what was the outcome?


We are all aware of the frequent flooding of the Cynon Valley Railway Line this is more prevalent since the council allowed the development of Tirfounder Fields floodplain with more development-pending.   

Photograph by Trevor Hay


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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