Labour shows little regard for older people in Wales

The Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Covid Recovery, Darren Millar MS, has accused the Welsh Labour-led Government of having a “blind-spot” to the needs of older people in Wales.

His comments follow the publication of a Welsh Government report on its priorities for Covid recovery, Covid-19 Reconstruction: Challenges and Priorities, which failed to reference the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus pandemic on older people in Wales.

Mr Millar said:

“Time and time again, we have seen the plight of older people in Wales ignored by this Welsh Labour-led Government.

“Older people have faced the brunt of the pandemic and yet Ministers in Cardiff Bay seem to have a blind-spot when it comes to hearing their voice and meeting their needs. 

“It is a disgrace that older people are not referenced in the Welsh Government’s plan for recovering from the pandemic and demonstrates just how little regard Ministers have for this important section of society. 

“The Welsh Government needs to urgently engage with the Older People’s Commissioner and other stakeholders to readdress its priorities and ensure that the needs of older people are not overlooked.”

He added:

“This issue further underscores the need for an Older People’s Rights Bill in Wales.”

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Helena Herklots, has also published a response to the Welsh Government’s report, saying: 

“We know that the pandemic has had a significant impact on many older people throughout Wales, particularly those who are most vulnerable, and it is crucial that the Welsh Government recognises this in their approach to reconstruction and recovery. 

“I am also concerned that the document does not recognise that older people are important contributors to Welsh society and our economy, and that they have a critical role to play in Wales’ recovery and future.”

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