Graphic makes the case for hyperlocal lockdowns

Welsh Conservatives have long been making the case for hyperlocal – as opposed to blanket – lockdowns as a key measure to contain the spread of Covid-19. Hyperlocal lockdowns rely on equally hyperlocal data so that only the areas that need to be locked down are saving lives – and livelihoods.

The renewed call comes after Bridgend County Borough Council published a graphic showing the one hotspot in the locked-down county.

Suzy Davies MS – the Welsh Conservative Member for South Wales West, which includes Bridgend County – commented:

“My colleague – the Shadow Health Minister Andrew RT Davies MS, whose constituency borders Bridgend – has repeatedly questioned why the Health Minister has not been making use of available targeted and specific data to introduce hyper localised lockdowns only where necessary, instead of blanket bans across entire counties and local authorities.

“The data, as clearly detailed, are here and must form the basis for ‘smart’ lockdowns that, backed up by good hand hygiene and wearing masks as appropriate. This has been done in Llanelli, where just the town was shut down, not the whole of Carmarthenshire – and was a measure we supported.

“So, not only are reliable data available to support a hyperlocal lockdowns, but there is a precedent. Frustrating though it undoubtedly would be for residents in Blaengarw, a smart hyperlocal lockdown there will free up the rest of Bridgend County to edge closer to some sort of normality, and to keep people from feeling isolated. 

“It’s crucial for the mental wellbeing of many in this county, and no doubt many others across the rest of Wales, that restrictions are in place only where necessary and only where proportionate to the risk. It’s equally critical for the local, and ultimately, the national economy.”

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