Time for transparency over ‘hidden’ diagnosis figures and renews call for action over a Covid inquiry in Wales

Commenting on the report from the ONS that Wales has one of lowest Covid-19 mortality rates, Andrew RT Davies MS – the Shadow Health Minister – said:

“While we all view these figures with a sense of relief, it doesn’t detract that, for the families of each person affected or who has sadly dies, it’s a tragedy.

“The Welsh Labour-Led Government has a duty to the people of Wales, however, to act now and be open and transparent about the ‘hidden’ thousands whose diagnoses, and life-saving operations and other treatments have been delayed.

“The Health Minister must be open with the Welsh people to the true scale of the problem and act now.

”It’s time, too, that the First Minister gave his full commitment not just to a UK-wide inquiry into the pandemic and response but also to set out his party’s plans for a Wales-specific one.

“We Welsh Conservatives were disappointed that our call for judge-led inquiry into the Welsh Government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic to start when the pandemic is under control – which arguably it now is – and to conclude its findings before the next Welsh Parliamentary election.

“The Welsh people will have an inquiry, but it is – disappointingly – likely to be watered down and weaker, which won’t serve the needs of Wales, and won’t prepare us for any future wave.” 

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