Covid testing stalls in Wales

Figures published on July 14  indicate that the testing regime for Covid-19 in Wales has stalled, with no increase in capacity since last week, a drop to below 20 percent of capacity being used, and prove that – last week – no healthcare workers were tested.

The slow pace of returning test results has also flatlined, with just 46.5 percent of test results authorised in NHS Wales laboratories returned within 24 hours, and 66.1 percent within 48 hours. Nearly 20 percent were not returned within 72 hours.

This is now the fifth consecutive week that less than half of tests were returned in 24 hours.

Shadow Health Minister Angela Burns MS said:

“While we are seeing improvements in figures relating to the lives lost to Coronavirus, these latest stats that show no increase in capacity and a drop from just over 20 percent last week to below that this week are worrying, especially as lockdown eases. Shockingly, yesterday, two tests fewer were carried out than on June 1, so in some cases the trend is flatlining, but in others, its falling. This is unacceptable.

“The Welsh-Labour led Government, and especially the Health Minister must up the game on testing, and explain why the scandal has been allowed to develop.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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