Covid-19: No improvement in testing capacity in Wales – again

Janet Finch-Saunders MS, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Social Care, has reacted with concern to the announcement today (May 26) that daily testing capacity for Covid-19 in Wales is still at 5,330 – which it has been for a fortnight – and that actual tests carried out have just exceeded 3,000 for the most recent day in question.

Also in the figures released today is that while the proportion of positive infections has slowed for healthcare workers (16 percent a fortnight ago, to eight percent las week, and now five percent), it is increasing for care home workers (29 percent to 31 percent to 35 percent) for the same period.

– the Shadow Minister for Social Care – said:

“While I welcome the increase in the number of tests of residents and staff in care homes, the numbers of positive test results coming back is very worrying. Yes, as testing increases, there are likely to be more confirming someone has Coronavirus, but there is a growing disparity between the care home and healthcare sectors.

“We need to understand why this is, and so I am calling for the Welsh Labour-run Government to tell the dedicated and hardworking people working in the care home sector just what it will do to protect them.

“This is especially relevant bearing in mind the reports we’ve heard that some critical workers are being referred to England – in fact as far away as Devon – for testing.

“Additionally, I have the added worry that some larger care homes with over 50 residents are being prioritised in some areas. All care homes should be a priority and receive testing.”



The source material can be found here.

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