Penywaun History Book Travels the Globe

A new book tracing the history of the community of Penywaun for the first time, has been snapped up and shipped to former Cynon Valley residents across the globe.


At an event to launch the book – which traces the story of Penywaun from two small family farms to a population of over 2000 people – copies were bought for family members as far away as Australia and Canada.

The book is written by local author Robert Cornwall, who was born in Cwmnantyrhwch (part of ‘old’ Penywaun), brought up in the Penywaun that we recognise today, and now lives in Hirwaun.

Robert said: “While there are so many records of the story of Aberdare, there has been little written about the history of Penywaun until now. I have looked at where people settled in modern times, when and why they came to live here, where they came from and what life was like here for each generation.”

The printing of the book was funded by Penywaun Forward Together – a group of local residents who are working on a National Lottery Community Fund project. The community has £1million to spend over 10 years, and local people decide how the money should be spent.


The Chair of Penywaun Forward together, Martin Williams, said: “We decided to publish this book, as it fits in with our themes of improved community spirit and creating a positive image of our community.


“It is great to have a formal record of the history of Penywaun. While it’s got a lot of people talking about the old days, it will also benefit the future of Penywaun as all the money we make from selling the book will be put back into our £1million fund.”


Copies of the book are available from Iris’s Shop and Alan’s Shop in Penywaun, or in Aberdare and Hirwaun libraries.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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