‘All of us an opportunity to change things and move forward medicine’ – Royal College of General Government share tips to develop self-confidence and leadership skills

Today (Wednesday September 25, 2019) Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Government has announced to develop self-confidence tips and advice as clinical lead in the NHS.

The workshop was organized in the evening by two fellow funded by Lord Wolfson of Leonard and Lady Estelle Developing Leaders Program for Women RCP, Dr Nerys Conway and Dr. Joanne Morris. More than 50 people attended the workshop. We have now come to the inspiring talks to each other in a new report with suggestions develop leadership skills and survived the balance between the busy work life.


Became teamwork and support one another to emerge as a strong theme throughout the workshop. Time and again, we heard about the importance of helping each other to perform and collaborate on projects; to take risks and not be afraid to learn from failure; to make mistakes and move on. The speakers talked about the importance of mentors and networks, a problem with your peers talk, friends and colleagues. The audience is encouraged to identify and pursue their passion. Finally, he made every speaker to recommend that we all keep perspective and ensures that we remember caring for ourselves, our families and mental health.


Dr Gareth Llewelyn, Vice President Royal College of Physicians in Wales:


'A good clinical leadership support is crucial to the future of the NHS in Wales. The workshop, organized by the Royal College of Physicians in Wales, with doctors and health professionals together to discuss how we could, by working together and mutually supportive, be inspirational leaders to ensure excellent patient care. It is important to have the time and space to develop leadership skills. The new draft strategy for NHS and social care workforce in Wales has promised to staff health and wellbeing at the heart of his work; we look forward to the NHS and the Welsh government fulfill this commitment now. '


Dr Nerys Conway, a consultant and fellow of RCP Leaders Program for Women:


"With the ability to manage time well, and an incredible network of support from colleagues wonderful, I can have the best of both worlds. It is possible to do. I'm not superhuman. But like everyone else, I've faced obstacles throughout my career. '


Looking back on the night, added Dr. Joanne Morris, a consultant and fellow of RCP Leaders Program for Women:


'Scotland should be leading the way with innovation and inspiration – we can attract and keep our colleagues if we try to support them and care about them, and shows that we are doing this.'

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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