A joint report from social services DCC looks older people’s ability to be independent

The joint review, conducted by the Care Inspectorate Wales (SSD) and Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW), consider how well DCC promote independence and prevent escalating needs of older adults.

The review focuses primarily on the experience of older adults as they come into contact with social care services to start, and move through them to the point that they may need to move to a care home.

The report highlights the strengths and areas for improvement of local authority and local health board. The key guidelines in accordance with the principles of Social Services and Welfare Act (Wales) 2014, which has been in force for almost three years.

The Act imposes duties on local authorities, health boards and the Welsh Ministers which requires them to promote the wellbeing of the approach that needs some care and support, or carers who need help.

The review identified the strengths and areas for improvement in the future, including:


Key Findings – positive highlights

The review also identified areas for improvement in the future, including:

  • Wellbeing – people can be increasingly confident that the local authority recognizes that adults are the best people to judge their own wellbeing.
  • People – voice and choice – the local authority has a sufficient understanding of how people can be empowered by information, advice and assistance and by being involved in the planning and implementation services.
  • Partnerships, integration and cooperation – we saw a willingness to try new approaches and working with new partners by developing a Single Point of Access, Talking Points, referrers and Community Community Resource Teams.
  • Prevention and early intervention – prevention or delay the development of care and support needs are closely aligned with the other responsibilities of the local authority, including housing, recreation and environmental health.


Key findings – areas for improvement

  • Wellbeing – Senior management must ensure that individuals feel they are an equal partner in their professional relationship with protecting workers who work to protect them from abuse and neglect.
  • People voice and choice – we saw the need to improve the benefits of strength-based approach to enable people to express their views through conform more closely to the Social Services and Welfare Act.
  • Partnerships, integration and cooperation – strategic managers need to ensure that services and resources are used in the most effective and efficient.
  • Prevention and early intervention – we noted that a shortage of home care services means that some people get the care and support they need. This has been a long standing problem in some parts of the country and action is needed to avoid a greater shortage of carers and increased pressure on staff in re-enabling services and community health services. 


Next Steps

An SSD and HIW alerted local authority and local health board to strengths and areas for improvement. DSS will monitor progress through its ongoing performance evaluation activity with DCC.


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