Welsh Water warns of the dangers of swimming in reservoirs as school holidays begin

Welsh Water is reminding people of the dangers of swimming in reservoirs as the school summer holidays begin and temperatures soar.


Every year, a small number of people attempt to swim in reservoirs across Wales, putting their lives, and the lives of others, at risk.


The dangers of swimming in reservoirs include:


  • Dangerous hidden machinery underneath the water, which can sometimes operate without obvious warning
  • Very cold and deep water that can cause even strong swimmers to find themselves in difficulty
  • Most reservoirs are in remote locations, with little or no mobile phone reception, so the chance of rescue is greatly reduced


Welsh Water’s One Last Breath campaign video starkly depicts two teenagers who drown after going into the water at a reservoir on a hot summer’s day and the impact that has on their friends and family who are left behind.


The company’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Perry, said: “Reservoirs might seem like a great place to cool off, but they are full of hidden dangers.


“Hidden machinery, strong currents and freezing temperatures can pull even the strongest swimmers under the water.


“We know the weather is particularly warm at the moment and people are tempted to go for a swim – but I cannot emphasise enough that people are not only putting their own lives at risk, but also the lives of people who may try and help if they get into difficulty in a reservoir.”

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