An application for planning permission at 20 Commercial Street, Aberdare (former Kwik Save) was received on 15th January 2019.

An application for planning permission at 20 Commercial Street, Aberdare (former Kwik Save) was received on 15th January 2019. The application sought permission for the change of use of the property from an A1 retail use to an ‘unlicensed family entertainment centre’ (sui generis). The application proposed that the new use be accommodated within the fabric of the existing building, with only minor modifications to the internal layout required. The new use proposes that the ground floor would be divided into three spaces, the largest of these would accommodate the ‘family entertainment centre’ and the ‘retro gaming area’, the final would provide a repair workshop. A large open plan space at first floor level would accommodate a ‘laser escape room’, with staff room, store room and w.c. also provided at first floor level. The equipment would include pool tables, video arcade games, air hockey tables and ‘virtual reality pods’. In determining the application, consideration was also given to the potential impacts of the development upon the character and appearance of the existing property and conservation area, the amenity and privacy of adjacent properties and highway safety. Each of these matters were considered in turn and it was concluded that the development was acceptable in each regard. As such, planning permission for the change of use was granted with conditions, including one which restricts the hours of operation, on 13th March 2019. I note in your enquiry that you comment you were unable to find the application details on the Council’s website, this may be because the application search was made on the property as ‘Quicksave, Aberdare’ when the location address for the application uses the building number, that being 20 Commercial Street, Aberdare.

I trust the above clarifies the situation.


Environmental Services Group Public Health and Protection Division Dinas Isaf East Williamstown Tonypandy CF40 1NY Tel: (01443) 425001 Fax: (01443) 425301 Date: 12th March 2019 From: Wayne Goodfield Public Health and Protection Division Environment Team My Ref: WSG/608608 To: Service Director Development Control Sardis House, Pontypridd FAO: Emma Lewis Your Ref: Proposal: Change of use from A1 (Retail) to Sui Generis – Unlicensed Adult Entertainment Centre Location: 20 Commercial Street, Aberdare, CF44 7RW I refer to the above planning application and wish to comment as follows. The Pollution & Public Health (P&PH) Team are aware that some of the activities associated with the proposed change of use have the potential to generate noise. This having been said, it is appreciated that the type and scale of the development is such that it may be unreasonable to request that a noise assessment be carried out by the applicant to demonstrate any potential impact on nearby residents. With this in mind the P&PH Team would remind the applicant that any complaints made concerning noise associated with this venue will be investigated by Officer(s) of this Department and that any necessary enforcement action will be undertaken should such a nuisance be confirmed to exist. Should the applicant wish to discuss this matter further, they are able to contact me at their convenience on the telephone number provided. Wayne Goodfield Environmental Health Officer Pollution & Public Health Team Public Health and Protection 


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