Fly-Tip in RCT and just some of you but not all WILL get FINED!

Ms Claire Rowlands, from Cwmbach you fly-tipped, twice and walked away with a fine for £1037.72!

Fly-tip in RCT and you will get caught – this is the warning being issued by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council as another offender has found out!

A Cwmbach woman has been handed a fine for over £1000 for fly-tipping her household waste not just once but twice in Aberaman Industrial Estate. All the items discovered could have been sorted and collected from the kerbside, instead they were emptied out and strewn across the area.

THREE carrier bags and two food waste bags were discovered by the enforcement team that had been emptied out onto the verge comprising of food waste and cat food sachets.

Following investigations it was discovered that the offender was Ms Claire Rowlands, aged 47, from Bro Deg, Cwmbach, Aberdare. Whilst Ms Rowlands was in discussions with the Council's enforcement team, the team received a call about more fly-tipping in Aberaman Industrial Estate – the items once again consisted of household waste including food waste – which is collected weekly from the kerbside. Following the waste being checked the items were once again traced back to Ms Rowlands – who admitted to dumping the waste as "I’ve known it was a known area for tipping things"

Fly tipping, dropping litter or allowing your dog to foul in a public place will not be tolerated in Rhondda Cynon Taf and as this latest case shows the Council will use all its available powers, to catch those responsible for blighting its towns and countryside- every, single, time you do it!   

As well as carrying out routine checks around the County Borough and responding to the reports received, the Council has a number of covert, roaming cameras placed in key locations in bid to catch offenders red handed – There really is nowhere to hide.

The clamp down will continue and includes the ‘Who Done It?’ campaign – where images taken by Enforcement Officers, of people the Council wants to speak to in connection with littering and fly-tipping offences, are posted online and the ‘Sort **it out’ campaign, which targets irresponsible dog owners, in a bid to rid our streets, schools, play grounds and sports pitches of dog fouling.

The Council has a weekly, unlimited, kerbside dry, food waste and nappy recycling service and a number of community recycling centres across the County Borough, so there's no excuse for fly tipping, especially items that can be collected at the kerbside or recycled right here in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

If the offender had driven just over 4 miles further from her chosen dumping spot she could have taken them to Ty Glantaf Community Recycling Centre and saved herself a massive fine.

Ms Rowlands, was charged with two offences of fly-tipping under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and appeared before Merthyr Magistrates' Court, where she admitted the offences. 

She was fined £100 for the first offence, £100 for the second offence ordered to pay £807.72 costs and a £30 victim surcharge – £1037.72 

This latest conviction comes as the Council highlights the need to recycle via its "Choice is CLEAR- Everyone needs to recycle" campaign, which aims to increase the recycling rate to meet the Welsh Government target of 70% by 2024/25. Residents who continuously fail to recycle could face a fixed penalty notice of £100.

Nigel Wheeler, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Director for Highways and Streetcare Services, said: “Fly-tipping in our County Borough will not be tolerated, there is NEVER an excuse to blight our towns, streets and villages with your waste and we will find those and hold them to account.

"As this case highlights we investigate ALL reports of fly-tipping and this latest offender was found fly-tipping twice in the same spot and the team were ready to catch her…..Every.Single.Time!

"Removal of fly-tipping in our County Borough costs hundreds of thousands of pounds – which could be spent on key front line services.

“We will use EVERY power we have available to us, to hold those accountable for their actions. Many of the items we recover on our streets, towns and mountains are items that could have been taken a Community Recycling Centre or even collected from the kerbside – at no extra cost.”

For more information on Recycling and Community Recycling Centres in RCT follow the Council on Facebook/Twitter or visit www.rctcbc.gov.uk/crcs    

Posted on Thursday 25th October 2018
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