Children’s Services Vale of Glamorgan in a strong position to develop further – report

Care Inspectorate made (DSS) inspection of children's services in the Vale of Glamorgan Council during the month of May 2018.

The inspection made considering the experience and progress on the periphery of care, looked after children and care leavers, and the use of foster care, residential care and locations outside the area.

Inspectors also made inquiries consider child protection, emergency protection measures and plans protecting care and support.



  • Frontline staff had enough motivation and support good governance at all levels.
  • There is support for children's services from across the local authority including elected members. The local authority in a positive position to develop its services for children and families further.
  • Social workers had a good knowledge of the circumstances of children and were seen regularly. However, vacancies and complex caseload has affected the service. Senior managers are already taking steps to reorganize teams and minimize conflicting demands.
  • LAC had not been engaged in their regular review meetings.
  • The choice of locations for LAC is limited, work is underway to increase the number of foster placements, as well as working with social care providers so that more children could be closer to home.
  • The care leavers are very positive about the help they receive from Personal Advisers.
  • In the protection we reviewed, children are protected by means prompt response and timely assessments.


Areas for development

  • The local authority should continue to fill vacancies and monitor reasons for leaving.
  • Assessments must consider all available information from previous contacts and incorporate any risks
  • Practitioners should seek the views of children seen on their own in particular, where appropriate, and these are outlined in the full assessment.
  • The local authority should ensure the proposed independent advocates for children and visitors relevant.


next steps

ANW expect the local authority to take appropriate steps to address these areas and improved. DSS will monitor progress through its ongoing review activity with the local authority.  

Vale of Glamorgan gwasanaethau children's roof in strong Position Map of ddatblygu – report 

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) inspected gwasanaethau for childrens to Vale of Glamorgan Council ystod May 2018.

The arolygu Looked at profiad and plan details of the childrens on the edge of care, care leavers and childrens Looked after, and defnydd of fostering, residential care and out of area Placements.

Inspectors to child protection inquiries ALSO Looked, urgent protective action, care and support and protection planiau.



  • Front-line staff were better motivated to support with Good management can River levels.
  • There lower support for children's gwasanaethau from Across the local authority cynnwys from Elected aelodau. The local authority is in a strong Position roof Map of ddatblygu it notes rheoleiddiol to Children and Families.
  • Children's social work staff knew better and regularly saw amgylchiadau theme. However, vacancies and COMPLEX caseloads oes Affected the rheoleiddiol. Action was already being The senior managers to reconfigure taken by Teams and chyfrif competing demands.
  • Children were not routinely engaged 'Looked after in eu review cyfarfodydd.
  • There lower limited dewis of Placements for Children Who are Looked after, with the number gwaith underway to Increase of fostering Placements, mp mp woking with better and more residential care provider to place childrens Closer to Home.
  • Care leavers were iawn Positive About the help they 'derbyn from Personal Advisors.
  • In the web Reviewed Safeguarding gwaith, childrens were being The prompt response and protected by Timely asesiad.


Areas for datblygiad

  • The local authority to fill vacancies and shouldnt Continue monitoring reasons, for Leaving.
  • Take into account can Assessments must gael information from previous contacts and incorporate unrhyw Risks.
  • Practitioners Seek the views of shouldnt explicitly childrens Seen alone, Where appropriate, and gwbl outline Tese in asesiad.
  • The local authority shouldnt sicrhau relevant children are offered advocates and independent visitors.


Next steps

CIW expects the local authority to Take appropriate action to cyfeiriad and wella Tese ardaloedd. CIW yn monitoring plan details Through-its on-Going review activity with the local authority.

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