Fishguard man caught up in US medical fees nightmare

A recent trip to the US took an unexpected turn for the worst for a well-loved 33-year-old young man from Fishguard, Wales. Silfan Rhys-Jones was visiting friends in Bolinas, USA  when he was rushed to hospital with excruciating abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with the dangerous condition 'mid-gut volvulus' due to malrotated bowels.

Both his surgeons warned Silfan of the seriousness of the condition, stating that without surgical intervention Silfan could very well lose his small intestines entirely. They urged him to have surgery as soon as possible, emphasising it is not safe for him to fly home to the UK without having this operation.


It was a huge shock for Silfan to discover at this critical time that his insurance company wouldn’t pay the £188,000 cost of the surgery. So in this time of great need, Silfan’s friends and family courageously took it upon themselves to start fundraising, determined to save Silfan from having to live the rest of his life without a small intestine. A crowdfunding campaign was set up immediately and shared. Fortunately, when people became aware some loans were offered so that the surgery could go ahead.


The crowd-funder has now raised over £40,000, but comes to an end very soon. If the target is not reached, Silfan will not receive the funds. The £40,000 is an amazing achievement, but it is still a long way off being able to pay back the loans for which Silfan is now responsible, and so friends are reaching out to his local community in Wales to ask for support at this difficult time.


Silfan grew up in Fishguard, where he attended Ysgol Wdig and Ysgol Bro Gwaun. He was a keen sportsman and taught tennis to teenagers for some years.


He has since specialised in teaching a training which empowers people to be of greatest benefit with their strengths, gifts and talents.


Silfan is described as, “One of the kindest, most generous and loveable people in the world, who has dedicated his life to others to empower them to fulfill their potential.”


If you feel moved to support Silfan, you can go online directly to: https://www.gofundme.com/silfan

Sharing the campaign on Facebook is also an enormous support!



For further information please contact Jessica Danford:

Email: danfordjessica1@gmail.com



More information about Mid Gut Volvulus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intestinal_malrotation

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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