Ignoring criticism is what really undermines our NHS, Cabinet Health Secretary

Welsh Labour’s Cabinet Health Secretary has this morning claimed that criticism on social media of the health service risks undermining the NHS.

Vaughan Gething AM is expected to say in a speech later today that “reactionary” criticism of the NHS on social media platforms might put young people off pursuing health careers.

Responding to his claim, Angela Burns AM, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“This is rank hypocrisy from the Cabinet Health Secretary, whose disdain for criticism grows more evident by the day.

“If he wants to start tilting at windmills on social media, his first charge should be aimed at his colleague Jon Ashworth – a man whose twitter-based trolling of the NHS is a daily occurrence.

“Mr Gething should try listening to people’s concerns, instead of trying to silence them. Ignoring criticism is what really undermines our health service.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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