Consultation on PSPO to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour

A public consultation has now begun over the proposed introduction of a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to control alcohol-related anti-social behaviour across Rhondda Cynon Taf.

During December, the Council’s Cabinet discussed the proposal, which would designate the whole County Borough as a Controlled Drinking Zone. The PSPO would give the police and authorised Council officers the power to request that any person stops drinking and surrender alcohol if they are causing, or likely to cause, anti-social behaviour.

The proposed PSPO would also introduce two defined exclusion zones in Aberdare and Pontypridd town centres (including lower Graig). These zones would stop people from taking intoxicating substances, including drinking alcohol, in public places throughout the town centres.

At their meeting on December 19, Cabinet agreed to the Council undertaking an eight-week consultation over the proposals, which is now underway.

As part of the consultation, residents can visit the Council’s website to access more in-depth information over the proposed PSPO, and complete an online questionnaire where their views on the proposal can be conveyed.

The Council will also arrange engagements events at Aberdare and Pontypridd town centres – where residents can have their say about the proposals in person. Further details about these engagement events will be communicated by the Council in due course.

The consultation process will end on Monday, March 12.

“Residents can now have their say on the proposed PSPO to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour across the County Borough.

“The PSPO has been put forward following views conveyed by members of the public, alongside available evidence, that alcohol-related anti-social behaviour is an issue that needs to be tackled in our communities. 

“The consultation will further gage the views of residents, business and stakeholder views, and the questionnaire allows people to comment on proposals for the County Borough, Pontypridd and Aberdare individually. The responses are valuable to the Council, and will inform a final decision on whether or not to introduce the proposed PSPO.”

In relation to Aberdare and Pontypridd, the 2016/17 crime perception survey carried out in the town centres showed that 27% of people saw alcohol as the biggest cause of crime and disorder.

The Council has also received many comments from members of the public concerned about the behaviour of people drinking and being under the influence of substances in our town centres – and therefore proposals for intoxicating substance exclusion zones in these two towns specifically are also being consulted upon.

To access the questionnaire and more details about the proposed PSPO, visit https://www.rctcbc.gov.uk/EN/GetInvolved/Consultations/Currentconsultations.aspx.

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