Following his appointment, earlier this week as permanent manager of The Town Wayne Powell has made his thoughts known on the disappointing start to the season, the current squad, the chance of being handed the reins and what he thinks could be a bright future for Aberdare.


After taking his first training session on Wednesday evening he said: “Firstly I am deeply honoured at being asked by the committee to take on the job. A major factor of agreeing to it was both Gareth (Harbord) and Rob (Hudson) also confirming they will stay on.  Mark Anthony, who has been helping out with both the first team and Reserves this season, will also be on hand to assist us as well.


“Everybody knows how big a job it is but we will be giving it everything we have at turning things around.  I have said to the players already that as a team we got the Club into this mess and now need to get them out if it.  Without a doubt, it’s important everybody gives 100% to achieve that. First things first and we need to cut out errors in our play and get a positive vibe into the squad – people always say winning is a habit but so is losing!  As soon as we get that first win in the league I hope that will be a turning point. As a former striker myself I know changes have to be made to how our play is going forward to make sure our goal scoring improves – we start that with the players already here before adding to it”.

In terms of the squad Wayne will be giving everybody a clean slate to stake a claim for a place in the team but there may also be some new arrivals: “I’ve spoken to the lads already and I think they know what we are trying to achieve and how I expect things to work.  I will be looking to add to the squad but any additions will have to be better than those already here.  There will be one new face announced soon who has agreed to join but are waiting now for confirmation of his signing with the league but he has experience from a higher standard”.

It’s not just on the field that Wayne is looking to make additions as he casts his net over possible additions to his backroom staff: “Obviously we already have Gareth, Mark and Rob helping out but I would like to add in a player/coach as well and I have been talking to a few candidates about coming in. There is always so much for a management team to do on training nights and match days so having a good team around you in the dugout is important”.

One thing for sure Wayne is positive about the future of the Club: “There is so much potential at Aberdare but it’s down to everybody to make sure that it’s achieved. We have had a couple of younger players step up this season and have adapted to Welsh League football. We need to get ourselves out of the situation we are in at the moment but going forward I would like to see an emphasis on us developing our own players through increasing our youth section and having a proper pathway from youth football through to the senior side”.

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