Labour must commit to zero emissions target following Paris talks – William Powell AM

Labour Ministers must back Welsh Liberal Democrat calls for a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100% in order to meet Wales’ obligations on the world stage, the party has said today.

On Saturday, the international COP21 climate negotiations in Paris agreed legally-binding emissions targets to ensure a global rise in temperatures of no more than 2°C.

However, an analysis of current commitments made by nations would only limit temperature rises 2.7°C. This means nations will need to make more ambitious emission reduction targets in order to avoid disastrous irreversible damage.

The Welsh Lib Dems are calling on Labour Ministers to back the party’s proposed amendments to the Environment Bill, calling for a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Labour previously rejected the amendments at Stage 2 of the Bill’s scrutiny.

William Powell AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Minister, said:

“Limiting global temperature rises to 2°C is crucial to avoid irreversible damage to our environment, and limiting to 1.5°C would help safeguard some of the world’s smallest and most impoverished island nations.

“If we’re going to reach this ambitious goal, every nation in the world must play its part. Wales needs to step up to the plate and commit to zero emissions by 2050.

“Labour cannot keep burying their heads in the sand, saying one thing on the world stage then shying away from their responsibilities at home. Welsh Lib Dems are showing leadership on this issue – it’s such a shame that Labour don’t share our ambition.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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