The referee Nigel Owens legendary call on people to tell their stories they

The referee Nigel Owens legendary call on people to tell their stories they

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The presenter and referee Nigel Owens internationally renowned calling on people to take the opportunity to tell their favorite stories are the whole nation in a series of short films for S4C.


The short films are a big part of the colorful season of programs 'Legends' S4C in November and will include a variety of content to magically coincide with the 'Legends Year 2017' Welsh Government.


Nigel Owens says, "Everyone is an interesting story, something remarkable has happened in the family or society and we want you to share them with us to include them in Chwedloni. I know several old tale we and our local village interesting stories of the world of rugby, those appropriate for me to share of course! It is a very exciting project and Chwedloni I hope you come to us in droves with your tales by show how much fun and imagination with us as Welsh. "


If you have a good story you'd like to share, you will engage with a company now produces Orchard helo@chwedloni.cymru email or phone 02920 100 888.


Says Amanda Rees, Director of Creative Content S4C, "Everyone has at least one story, one of his favorite legend personally they reported – over lunch with friends over a pint in the" pub "… it can be a story that ' n 'do you laugh or' do you cry out, surprises you, seduce you, even your horrified! The idea is to celebrate and collect the best stories of pentane here under the banner "Chwedloni "S4C. as well as creating a special website where you can view and listen to tales about 50 of the best online, we will also be shown on primetime programs between our S4C throughout November."


A 'Chwedloni' is a joint project between VW, S4C and production company Orchard.

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