Heart Screening in Wales – Don’t take the chance

For the second time this year, Welsh Hearts are holding a heart screening session in Llandaff, Cardiff on Saturday 30th September. The Heart Screening event is open to anyone in Wales aged between 18 & 35.  The last session, which was held at the Principality Stadium, screened over 100 young hearts for undiagnosed Heart Conditions.

Welsh Hearts’ Heart Screening sessions in Wales aim to raise awareness of undiagnosed heart conditions by providing easily accessible screening services to communities in Wales.


Sharon Owen, charity Director said “It is our mission to help protect and promote the heart health of people here in Wales. Many people still associate heart disease and heart attacks with older people, however this is sadly not the case.  Unfortunately, hundreds of young adults die each year from undiagnosed heart conditions – that’s hundreds too many.  With screening we can make a massive difference and will save lives. A simple ECG (electrocardiogram) will identify most cardiac abnormalities so that conditions can be managed.”


Appointments can be made by visiting the Welsh Hearts website or clicking the link below.




You will need to book your time slot and fill in the application form in full. Welsh Hearts will keep a record of this information for the cardiologists who will see you on the day.


The test is painless, non-invasive and takes only 5-10 minutes to perform

Each session costs the Charity £7,000 to hold. Welsh Hearts are part funding this vital initiative so you only need to pay £35 per person to have your heart screened.

If you have any queries, or would like to talk to a member of staff, please contact the fundraising office on 02922 40 26 70.



This Heart Screening initiative is being held in conjunction with the Danny Jones Memorial Fund.

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