Will Bryncelynnog and Hawthorn be the next 3 to 16 schools?

Will Bryncelynnog and Hawthorn be the next 3 to 16 schools?

The Cabinet agenda for Tuesday 18th includes an outline plan to apply for government funding to, amongst other things, build two more "through schools."

As RCT Welsh Lib Dems warned previously Chief Executive Chris Bradshaw and the Labour Cabinet are determined to push on regardless with plans to create merged primary and secondary schools throughout RCT.

They are already doing it in the Rhondda, despite significant opposition from parents, former and current staff and local Liberal Democrats. Now, without even waiting for that project to be completed and any evaluation of it to be carried out, they are looking to roll this plan out elsewhere.

So where will these schools be? They are not saying just yet – the report says that

"It is premature to name potential school projects at this time, as it could raise aspirations, which the Council is unable to deliver for the foreseeable future."

RCT Welsh Liberal Democrat Chair Karen Roberts, who led the fight to try and stop the plans in the Rhondda says.

"I don't remember seeing any mention of this in the Labour manifesto for the recent Council elections.

"We warned when the Rhondda proposal were brought about that this would only be the start, but most who weren't directly affected weren't in the least bit bothered. Well now other schools are going to be affected. Other parents will be faced with the prospect of their three year olds attending schools alongside 16 or even 18 year olds.

"Which schools will they be? Not Aberdare as that has just been rebuilt. Mountain Ash is an outside possibility, but our money would be on Bryncelynnog and Hawthorn, and with a Labour AM and MP parents shouldn't expect any help to fight the plans from that quarter."

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