NRW responds to milk spillage in Llantrisant

The spill has now been contained and after further assessment of the incident NRW has found the spill occurred during the movement of milk into a facility on Llantrisant industrial estate.

The Nant Mudduch river is still recovering from a pollution incident from several months ago meaning the river has been mostly unaffected by the milk spill.


No dead fish were found in the river indicating their population has yet to recover from the previous pollution incident.


Dai Walters, Team Leader of Natural Resource Management for NRW, said:


“Unfortunately because of a previous incident the water quality of the Nant Mudduch river is already very low, meaning the milk spill has not had a significant effect.


“Clean up has been completed and we will be advising on how to avoid this happening again.”




Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is attending a site at Llantrisant Business Park after around 500 litres of milk were spilled into nearby drains effecting the Nant Mudduch river.


NRW was alerted to the spill this morning and are currently working to contain it.


Milk is dangerous to fish because it ends up depleting the oxygen in the river, causing fish to die.


Dai Walters, Team Leader of Natural Resource Management for NRW, said:


“Protecting Wales’ rivers and the wildlife that lives in and around them is one of our most important goals.


“While milk may not seem as harmful to us as sewage or other pollutants its effect on fish populations can be devastating.


“We will be assessing the impact on the affected river and the milk is expected to dilute and clear by the end of the day.”


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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