Who do you vote for on 8 June in Cynon Valley?

Who do you vote for on 8 June in Cynon Valley?

Keith Dewhurst Conservative and Unionist Party

Cutting winter fuel bills and more, not interested in South Wales valleys


Nicola Louise Knight Welsh Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats now in bed with Labour in the Welsh Assembly were in bed with Conservatives in Westminster


Ian Andrew Mclean UKIP Wales

We have voted to leave the EU so what do they offer now?


Liz Walters Plaid Cymru The Party Of Wales

The Plaid leader cared little for Cynon Valley when she was our South Wales Central AM I understand the candidate was not the first choice by the local Plaid party, just like her Plaid leader she didn’t reply to emails when she was a local councillor


Ann Clwyd Welsh Labour

Standing Cynon Valley MP has concerns with every other part of the world other than Cynon Valley what has she achieved for Cynon Valley in the last 33 years?

Elected in 1984 with 19,389 votes %58.8 in 2015 she had14,532 votes %47.7

Guaranteed to be the next MP for Cynon Valley voter apathy survives in Cynon Valley


Who do you vote for on 8 June none of the above? 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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