Breaking bad by bursting the bubble of modern valley’s life

 I read a funny comment on Facebook a few evenings ago, it quoted "Stationary idling is an offence under section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988", which was in response to quite a few negative comments surrounding announcement about our 10 candidates standing in the forthcoming May 4th local government election.

As random as that quote sounds it really sums up what the Cynon Valley Party is about, we don't want the Cynon Valley to stagnate and fester. We need to ensure that we keep innovating and keep developing to increase our knowledge, skills and growth.

There are some that consider our actions as ‘Poking our noses in’ or ‘wannabe do-gooders trying to help’, which is exactly what we are doing. There’s no point masking it, we are concerned about the decisions being made, because we disagree with them, but also because there is often no transparency or openness around why these decisions are made.

Through asking questions and scrutinising those in control of the council, we will make sure that we are provided the public services and facilities we are entitled to. I believe that everyone should question things in life that their unsure about, however I don't believe this happens enough, or at least to the levels that is needed to make Cynon Valley truly excel, to make us truly world class.

But then again life is busy, and I'm guilty of it myself: it's all too easy to binge watch Netflix rather than ask why or taking part in our community.

Perhaps it’s time to change that: for me the Cynon Valley Party has made me realise that together people can achieve great things, even a small group in the grand scheme of things can make positive changes that we can all enjoy.

So, the next time you see a Cynon Valley Party meeting advertised, why not come along? Breaking Bad can always wait until tomorrow.

The above by Andrew Thomas Cynon Valley Party Candidate for Aberdare West 




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Team @ AberdareOnline

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