Karen for Clydach -May 4th. Make the right choice

Many of you will know me, personally or by name. Born and brought up in Park Street I went to Cwmclydach Infant and Junior schools, then Tonypandy Grammar.

My family, Butler on one side, Watts on the other, were, and still are, well known locally.

My Labour opponent claims I have abandoned Clydach by moving out of the ward – to Llwynypia! I moved around 18 months ago because I needed to buy a smaller property, but my community activities still centre around this village.

"I chaired Communities First for many years – when the community centre and nursery were faced with closure set up Cwmclydach Development Trust which put together a rescue package and which continues to run both.

The current Labour Councillor was asked to join the Trust Board but after a few months of non-attendance left the Board by mutual consent.

I helped set up Cambrian Village Trust which runs the 3G pitch, the all-weather sports facility and the Lakeside Café. I am still a member of that Trust and proud to play a part in its success.

All of this is on a voluntary basis – I do it because I am proud of my home village and want to see it flourish.

The current Councillor – who, remember, is paid to look after the interests of this ward – lists on his Council "declaration of interests" that he is a member of the Llwynypia Powerhouse project. A resounding success there then"

Karen Roberts

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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