Time to leave lacklustre Labour Mrs Clwyd

Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd has once again spoken out against her own party and their miserable record in Wales.

As reported by Wales Online Mrs Clwyd has published her autobiography, in which she slams her own Labour party's record in government.

"Given that my party has been in power at the Assembly, either outright or in coalition, since its inception, it pains me to observe that it has a poor track record. In health, education and other areas we are lagging behind the rest of Britain.

"Meanwhile the Welsh Assembly government refuses to accept people's concerns, spending more time defending the indefensible rather than fixing what is wrong. What makes it worse is that people who genuinely care about what is happening, and speak out, are accused of betrayal if we dare to voice any concern or criticism. 'Go back to Westminster and leave us alone' is the subtext."

It is a damning indictment from the veteran MP, although this Is not her first outburst – she was in the news earlier this year complaining about the waiting times for diagnostic tests. She said at the time:

"The litmus test for any government is the way in which it responds to the needs of the sick and the vulnerable. On that basis, the Welsh Government clearly has to get to grips with the situation and do so as a matter of urgency."

Previously she had been embroiled in a row with First Minister Carwyn Jones following the death of her husband. She complained about the treatment he received at the Heath hospital before his death and was highly critical of the way the NHS in Wales was managed.

Now we wouldn't disagree one iota with Mrs Clwyd's analysis of the running of the Welsh NHS under Labour -it is simply not good enough, patients and indeed staff deserve better. However, the question must surely be why has Mrs Clwyd stayed with a party she obviously has so much contempt for?

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