Double jobbing Cabinet Members still abusing system

When the Independent Remuneration Panel set the allowances for Councillors across Wales they made it very clear that the Leader and Cabinet Members were to be paid on the basis that their roles were to be full time. This to reflect the level of repsonsibility they were expected to take on and the time commitment they should give to their posts.

Yet in RCT there are still Cabinet Members who are claiming a very handsome allowance and yet working elsewhere. Cwmclydach Councillor Mark Norris is one example. He claims £32,000 a year as Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, a salary the vast majority of those in his ward can only dream of, yet he also works for Rhondda MP Chris Bryant, and so takes a double helping out of the public purse.

Councillor Joy Rosser of Trealaw also claims £32,000 as Cabinet Member for Prosperity, Wellbeing and Communities, yet manages to find time to work as a Finance Manager at Artis Community, a charity which has managed to obtain significant grant funding for projects in Pontypridd at the Muni and YMCA.

Ann Crimmings appears to not have enough to do covering the Environment, Leisure and Culture portfolio and also works for Coleg Y Cymoed.

It seems the Labour party are really not interested in fairness, and it has to be asked, are they really earning their public salaries?


COUNCILLOR Mark Alan Norris CODE OF CONDUCT – Declaration of personal interests for inclusion in the public Register of Members’ Interests 


COUNCILLOR Joy Rosser CODE OF CONDUCT – Declaration of personal interests for inclusion in the public Register of Members’ Interests


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