Wales Football Stars Hail new book Charting success!

Published this week,  When Dragons Dare to Dream  is the follow-up to Jamie Thomas' successful  The Dragon Roars Again  and starts where that left off, charting the amazing progress of the Welsh football team through the Euro 2016 finals.

Players from the Wales football team have sung the praises of a new book that details the incredible success story of the team during the summer of 2016.

"Qualification for Euro 2016 meant absolutely everything to us, as a team, as a nation of people who have waited our whole lives to see Wales competing at a major tournament," said Joe Ledley. "That feeling of qualifying was just amazing, and we couldn't wait to get to France to put our country on the map and make a nation proud of us once more."

"We players had the time of our lives  – every single day was a pleasure, and I like to think the fans enjoyed it just as much as we did; we just didn't want it to end!" said Joe, "To try and tell our nation's incredible story over the summer is no easy task, but Jamie's done a brilliant job of it with this new book. It's a must-read for any football fan!" he added.

Euro 2016 was the first major tournament for the national team since 1958. The success of the team was a dream come true for many fans and culminated with the team reaching the Euro 2016 semi-finals.

The book includes in-depth analysis of and insight into the journey taken during the summer of 2016, including an exclusive interview with Mark Evans of the FAW which offers a glimpse into the preparations for and events in the team base during the tournament. Players and team staff also offer their exclusive comments, including Joe Ledley and Chris Gunter.

"I'm very pleased to say that this is another very good book that tells Wales'incredible story from the perspective of so many people who were involved: players, coaches, fans, journalists, everyone!" said Chris Gunter.

Raised on Anglesey, author Jamie Thomas is a 23-year-old Media Masters graduate and lifelong Wales fan who writes on many aspects of Welsh football for various media outlets.

"I was ecstatic with the reception my first book received from everyone – whether that be people involved with the Wales squad on a day-to-day basis, fellow Wales fans or other journalists," said Jamie.

When Dragons Dare to Dream   by Jamie Thomas (£9.99, Y Lolfa) is published on November 1st.

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