Parents do you what your children get up to?

South Wales Police are appealing for parents in the Treherbert and Treochy area to check where their children are.
There has been a significant increase in anti-social behaviour in the area over the last six weeks and as a result we have increased patrols in the area.
PC Julian Williams, Neighbourhood Beat Manager Treherbert and Treochy, said: “We have seen not only an increase in anti-social behaviour but we are now seeing an increase in the seriousness of this.
“There have been a number of incidents including fires being set, burglaries and criminal damage.
“We believe it is local teenagers committing these crimes who have possibly told their parents they are staying at a friends’ house or camping, whereas they are actually roaming the streets.
“We are urging parents to double check where their young people are and check with their friends’ parents that they are in a safe environment.
“We are carrying out increased patrols and a number of investigations. The young people involved may just think they are having a laugh but we take anti-social behaviour seriously. If a young person is found to have committed an offence it could affect their future including choice of college, travel opportunities and future career.”


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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