Lib Dems have lost voice in Welsh politics after joining ministerial car pool

Kirsty Williams’ decision to join Labour in government in Wales means the Lib Dems no longer have a voice in Welsh politics, according to a Welsh Conservative AM.

Despite promising not to take the “easy route” and join Labour in government, Kirsty Williams opted to take up a ministerial post and membership of the government car pool in May.


Montgomeryshire AM, Russell George, said:


“Ahead of the Welsh Assembly elections in May, Kirsty Williams said that the ‘easy route’ for her party would be to join with Labour – and promised that her party would never do such a thing.


“Just weeks later we saw just how flexible her principles are, and having spent years criticising the Welsh Labour Government she took the easy route and she’s now firmly part of it.


“Far from making a difference, as Mr Farron claims, Kirsty Williams’ decision to join Labour in the ministerial car pool means that there is no longer a Liberal Democrat voice in Welsh politics.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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