Just a word about devolution Owen

The question has to be asked, is Owen Smith really that stupid or does he just hope enough people don't understand the system and so he can keep on getting away with spouting nonsense that ignores the fact we have a devolved government in Wales?

In the same interview in which he bragged about having "pulled" his wife thus making him ideal leadership material, he spoke about his brother's experience with the NHS.

His brother suffers from epilepsy and recently suffered a severe attack. Owen said that

"He had to be rushed to hospital by ambulance. But what I found awful is that for someone who has epilepsy and mental health issues the system is useless."

He goes on to say that his brother was shifted between two hospitals who couldn't take him and eventually spent 48 hours in A&E. It made him realize that the system couldn't cope with someone who has mental health and epilepsy issues.

As mentioned previously this is something that many people in his constituency and elsewhere have already found out and something he should have been aware of and complaining about for some time. But of course as an MP in Wales his influence would be limited, because, as Owen seems to conveniently forget when the need arises, the NHS is devolved.

His brother came across these problems in Wales, where it is not the Tories in charge but his own party. His constituents must be thrilled that he is so concerned about the NHS in England but appears not to be angry enough about it in Wales to criticize Carwyn and co.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

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