Welsh Hills supports Streetwise Ministries

Welsh Hills Bakery has donated supplies to Streetwise Ministries; an organisation dedicated to helping the homeless in Cardiff.

Established 21 years ago by Alan and Sheila Colcombe at the Abercwmboi Christian Centre, Streetwise Ministries collects food, drink, clothes and other essentials and donates them to homeless people in the city centre. Every Friday at 8pm, a team of six regular members of the organisation take to Charles Street to offer tea, coffee, soup, biscuits and blankets to those who need it.

Welsh Hills Bakery has been supporting the team for two years by providing three or four cases of gluten free cakes, cookies and biscuits every month, equating to £2,000 worth of products over the period.

Business Development Manager for Welsh Hills Bakery, Paul Haines, said: “Streetwise Ministries is an incredible, supportive team. The work they do goes beyond collecting donations and distributing them to those in need, they also take the time to get to know the individuals and offer advice and guidance. We’re privileged to be a part of such a generous organisation and hope that our contribution makes a difference.”

Sheila Colcombe, said: “Throughout the week we travel around South Wales collecting donations ready to take in our van down to Cardiff on Friday evening.

“We see the same people every week and get to know them, find out their story and build a relationship. We ask them what they need one week, and we strive to get it for them the next.

“We’ve been working with Welsh Hills for a few years now and thank them for their support.”

For more information visit www.lovemorefoods.com.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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