Participation Standards

The Participation Standards, developed originally by the Participation Unit, have been refreshed by a partnership between Youth Forum workers and Young Wales, informed by consultations with young people.

The Participation Standards can be seen here: Participation Standards.

The Participation Standards identify the key issues that all workers should be aware of when working with children and young people in Wales. The working group that undertook the work, reviewed each of the seven standards and ensured that each one reflected the rights based ethos that is integral to working with children and young people.

Members of the Participation Standards Task and Finish Group, on behalf of the All Wales Participation Workers Network, are happy to announce the launch of the refreshed 7 National Participation Standards.

“We would like to stress  of the  importance of the standards and the explicit link that they now have to the Children’s Rights agenda in Wales.”

The launch of the refreshed standards will be followed up with revised guidance on the kite-marking process and the self-assessment tools, for use in Local Authorities, who have an inspection team. Organisations who work with children and young people will be encouraged to undertake the self assessment process to demonstrate they the meet the Participation Standards in all their work with children and young people.

A new Charter will also be developed by the working group, based on the three underpinning pillars of the UNCRC addressing Protection, Provision and Participation, and will be open to all organisations working with children and young people in Wales.

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