It’s time to tackle poverty in Wales

News that 4,700 emergency food aid packs were given to families in Wales during July and August last year shows just how extensive and acute the problem of poverty in our country is. The long term unemployed struggle to find work and have to scrimp to get by on welfare while those working two, perhaps even three jobs still find their finances are shafted by the rising cost of living and wage compression.

This is not a problem that we can solve overnight. Widespread social dilapidation has occurred through decades of poor governance and  has crushed industry and many people’s prospects at getting on in life.

We in UKIP have long advocated advice and support should be available at food banks to help families find solutions to their problems and give them inspiration and hope, but without an Assembly in Wales and government in London that can really tackle the big problems of social mobility, we can’t create the employment opportunities to lift people out of poverty and hand them back their self respect and hope.

By placing opportunity at the heart of the new agenda, UKIP can continue to represent the working men and women of wales let down by Labour.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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