Creating opportunities for people to rebuild their lives

Finding work when you have been homeless can be difficult.  The pride that comes from being able to provide for yourself and your family – and to contribute to society – is something that’s taken away from people when they become homeless. 
That’s why we create opportunities for the people we support to get back into volunteering, education or employment.  For most people, a regular income is what’s needed to provide a stable home – from somewhere to raise a family and be part of the community, or even just somewhere to hang the pictures you like.
Many employers dismiss candidates with gaps in their employment history or assume that people who have experienced homelessness have personal issues which prevent them from working effectively.   We work with employers to overcome the barriers faced, supporting people to find a job they enjoy and providing them with the skills to be successful. 
For people who have experienced homelessness, the prospect of returning to employment can be daunting and being turned down for jobs can really knock your confidence.  We provide learning and development opportunities at every step of the way helps people to increase their confidence – allowing people to rebuild skills they already had and pick up some new ones along the way.
If you would like to offer training, work placements or jobs vacancies to people with experience of homelessness, we'd love to discuss your ideas.  Please get in touch using the details below.
Visit our news pages to find out more about how we celebrated Volunteers' Week and Adult Learners' Week at www.thewallich.com/news-events.  
Upcoming Events:
02/10/16: Cardiff Half Marathon – free places available
Contact us today: dosomething@thewallich.net
12/09/16: Clash of the Corporates | £50, 50 days – what could your team achieve?  
More details on our website: www.thewallich.com/clash-of-the-corporates
Contact Us:
Email: dosomething@thewallich.net                                Phone: 02920 668 464
Twitter: @TheWallich                                                      Web: thewallich.com
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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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