Charles Kennedy & Lib Dems right to oppose Iraq war

Today has seen the publication of the long awaited Chilcot report , the result of an inquiry into the Iraq war and whether or not Britain was right to enter into that conflict.

The Labour party under Tony Blair led us into a war which has had far reaching consequences and led to thousands of deaths including that of 179 British soldiers. The Liberal Democrats said at the time it was an illegal war.

Now after seven years of studying the evidence, the Chilcot report concludes that the former prime minister sent our troops in based on flawed evidence. The weapons of mass destruction Blair claimed they had never existed.

In a secret memo to George W Bush sent two two years before the invasion of Iraq in 2003 he said they should 'act now, explain later.'

Rhondda and Cynon Valley Labour MPs Chris Bryant and Ann Clwyd voted in favour of the war on Iraq as did former MP for Pontypridd Kim Howells.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy passionately opposed the war and every Lib Dem MP voted against it. Charles sadly passed away last year and so is not with us to see his words vindicated.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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