Plaid-Labour deal

Commenting on news that nominations will again be taken place for the position of First Minister on Wednesday afternoon further to a deal being struck between Labour and Plaid Cymru, Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies:

“For all the talks of change and a new era of politics, all we’ve seen in recent days is same old Plaid Cymru, locking themselves away and doing a cosy deal with their old friends in the Labour Party.

“Only days ago, Plaid Cymru’s Leader claimed she didn’t see how Wales could progress with the same Party in charge after 17 years of the same. Indeed, less than 16 percent of people in Wales voted for that status quo.

“However, Plaid Cymru have shown a distinct lack of appetite and ambition in exploring a new kind of collaborative politics. They have instead battened down the hatches and paved the way for yet more Labour failure, showing a distinct lack of transparency in the process.

“This whole episode clearly demonstrates that Welsh Conservatives are the only alternative to Labour. We stand ready to offer robust, constructive and detailed scrutiny to this minority Labour administration, and their Plaid Cymru helpers.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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