A sad day for Welsh politics

So it seems that the people of Wales don't want lower class sizes, or the continuation and increase of the pupil premium that has put £23million extra into RCT schools alone since 2012. Neither do they want more nurses across the NHS or childcare from age 9 months, or any of the other things that Welsh Liberal Democrats wanted to see happen.

In Pontypridd the majority are not interested in electing someone who has a proven track record of standing up against the Labour Council and the Assembly over everything from library closures to hospital downgrades; from nursery education to the removal of sixth forms.

Instead by and large they seem content to have an NHS that is failing, an education system that is not giving our children the best start, a lack of affordable housing, a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the UK, the list goes on.

This is of course their democratic choice – leaving aside arguments about a fairer voting system. But it is difficult to see why so many appear to want the same old, same old.

Of course at this election there is an even more frightening aspect. The election of seven UKIP Assembly Members, including one covering our own South Wales Central region which includes RCT, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

I am almost ashamed that so many people would vote for this shower whose whole philosophy is based on sowing the seeds of hatred and mistrust. They are against everything and for nothing it appears . They have seats in the European Parliament where they never turn up yet take the money – will they do the same at the Assembly, which they also want to abolish?

People say they want honest politicians yet they vote for the likes of former Tory "cash for questions" MP Neil Hamilton.

It is an immensely sad day for Welsh politics.

Karen Roberts

Chair RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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